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5 Tips for Recruiting on Facebook (6-minute educational video)

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Learn 5 ways to use Facebook to attract active and passive candidates.

Matt Lozar, Director of Recruitment Marketing at Haley Marketing, talks about Recruiting on Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform globally. It is still the most used with the most visitors the biggest audience, and it needs to be an essential part of your recruitment marketing and social media strategies.

 Step 1: Create your company profile

  • Sign up, select a username for your Facebook page
  • Add an engaging cover photo. Cover photo can showcase your employer brand and be a grand entrance to your Facebook page.
  • Complete the business details. (Think about the address and hours to complete your business)
  • Post content
  • Invite people to your page. It’s even better when you have a big audience following to engage and consume that content.

 Step Two: Share content

Different types of content work for different audiences, so we must find a perfect balance of content. We like to say every post has a purpose, so when you’re creating your content, really think through the goal of every post.

  • Job openings
  • Career resources, which could be how to do well in an interview, how to improve your resume
  • Multimedia content receives a lot of engagement on Facebook.
  • Share employee testimonials and or Candidate testimonials that showcase your five-star treatment of your team
  • Share fun content. It doesn’t all have to be business; think about what could be engaging and entertaining for your team.

Step 3: Job Postings

Include engaging imagery, brief job descriptions, salary information, and an easy capture process. Focus on those four areas because we visit and search Facebook a lot on our mobile devices. It needs to be easy for candidates to consume and engage with your open job postings on their mobile devices.

Step 4: Facebook Groups

Head over to Facebook and search for groups based on your geography or industry. The title of the group shows why people joined it. There will be grouped in your local geographic market, in your local industry; better yet, if you can find a combination of those two, you’ll be able to target your job seekers Share content in that group, engage with the audience, develop a relationship, and then nurture that relationship to capture their information when they’re open to finding their next job.

 Step 5: Facebook Advertising

  • You Can’t Just Rely on Organic Traffic. We need to have a paid strategy on Facebook because it does work well.
  • Target your candidate database. Export the email addresses from your applicant tracking system. Upload that into Facebook. Suppose the email address in your applicant tracking system matches an email address in Facebook. You devise you can also remarket to your website visitors.
  • Target Your Website Visitors. An ad from that company started to follow you around the internet or on your mobile device. You could do that with your Facebook job openings.
  • Target Job Seekers in your Local Geographic Market.

Interested in Facebook Recruiting?

Reach out to the team at Haley Marketing. Our team of marketing consultants, digital marketing team, our entire company would love to help you with your Facebook recruitment. We’re here to help you create the perfect recruitment strategy for your team.

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