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Content Marketing Big Ideas (6 of 6): Where should you start with content marketing?

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So now what?

Now that we have presented all the big ideas of content marketing, you are probably wondering how to begin using all the knowledge you just took in. (If you missed the last installment in this series of posts, you can read it here).

Where to start?

Meeting your audience where they are will elevate your close ratios for both recruiting and new business development. However, knowing where to start is the biggest content marketing challenge most staffing companies will face. The simplest solution is to step back and look at what you already have.

  • What kinds of content do you already have? Where do you deliver it? In what forms?
  • Do you have a process for regularly creating new content?
  • Do you have a content strategy?
  • Have you identified areas where you want to be seen as an authority? And are you building or curating content around those subjects?
  • Do you have a content-sharing strategy to maximize the probability of your content getting to your ideal clients and candidates?
  • Are you creating content to support employers and job seekers in all phases of the buying process?
  • Do you have automation to identify visitors to your website, personalize their buyer’s journey with relevant content, and outreach from your team?

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Take a deep breath. You don’t have to do everything on this list. But you do need to think about the best places to meet your clients and candidates. Think about the questions they are asking. And how you want to be seen. And from that, you can build a content strategy that will truly differentiate your company, elevate your sales and recruiting, and improve the profitability of your organization.

And if you need help anywhere along the way, we have content (and advice) for you!

Did you miss part 5?

We got you! Learn the fourth step of creating personalized content for all stages of the buying process.

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