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Recruiting Strategies (4 of 5): What can you do on your own?

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They’re many ways to become a better recruiter on your own. If you don’t want to do it on your own, Haley Marketing has your back. We have so many marketing strategies offered on our website.

What You Can Do on Your Own 

There is much your staffing firm can do to recruit better at little to no cost over what you’re doing currently, although it will take an investment of time.

  • Improve selling (better clients, better jobs, higher-level jobs)
  • Train recruiters (improve job postings, provide amazing service, social sharing, working with clients)
  • Define the company EVP
  • Build social proof
  • Grassroots brand building
    • Community involvement
    • Low-cost advertising

How can Haley Marketing help?

Haley Marketing can help you build a comprehensive marketing stack geared toward recruiting. One of our marketing educators can work with you to assess your current program and make recommendations based on its strengths and weaknesses.

We can offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help you gain visibility, recruit more effectively and control costs, including:

  • Website development / improvement
  • Programmatic job advertising management
  • EVP consulting
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Blogging and/or HaleyMail (content creation)
  • PPC (visibility, build followers, retargeting, job promotion)
  • Social Pro (social strategy, content creation and sharing)
  • NetSocial (automated team-based social sharing)
  • Video NOW (creating testimonial and story videos)
  • Outdoor ad development

Didn’t catch part 3?

Not to worry, check out what your company needs to do to be a successful recruiter. 

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Our last blog of the series goes over a ton of ideas regarding recruiting.

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