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Create a Digital Megaphone for Your Staffing Firm’s Content

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How can you dramatically increase the reach and impact of the content you create?

By getting your entire team involved in social sharing.

When content is shared by employees, your social media can get 8x more reach and 7x more conversions! Often this happens organically when your employees get fired up about their projects, their awesome work culture, their cool teammates, or how much they love working for the company. This employee advocacy builds brand awareness, but it isn’t consistent or measurable.

A more strategic way to amplify your reach is by building a content plan, developing a sharing calendar, and automating the sharing process across your business social accounts and your employees’ professional and social accounts.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But if you’ve ever asked your team to spread the word about a company initiative, you know it isn’t as easy as it seems. You must be clear about the task, remind them often, and make sharing as easy as possible. Even with all that effort, the results can be underwhelming.

Enter NetSocial, Haley Marketing’s newest marketing tool, a faster, easier way to get all your team members sharing company content to maximize recruiting, branding, and sales efforts.

NetSocial offers:

Centralized content curation. Make it easy for your team to know what to share by creating channels that feature different kinds of content. Your salespeople might want a channel with industry news or staffing trends. Your recruiters might want a channel with featured jobs. Channels can be set up from any RSS feed (like a job board, a blog, or YouTube) or any webpage (using the NetSocial browser add-in), allowing you to get creative with your content sharing.

Distributed content sharing. Each team member can connect their social accounts and choose which channels they want to share and on what time schedule. Sharing can be automated or require approval on a post-by-post basis. Your people always keep control over the what, where, and when of content that is shared.

Gamification. NetSocial makes sharing content fun by encouraging friendly competition and rewarding sharers with badges and a top spot on the leaderboard. But the real win? The impact your team is having on your social marketing and recruiting.

Performance tracking. Simple analytics allow you to track metrics such as likes and shares. NetSocial also calculates the monetary value of the “earned media” your team is generating with the signal boost!

NetSocial makes social sharing ridiculously easy. What are you waiting for? Get your people in the game. Let us know how we can assist with planning, content creation, sharing, and support!

Watch our on-demand webinar Team Social Sharing: What is it? How to do it right

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