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How can a Staffing Company Implement an Employee Advocacy Campaign?

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The newest buzzword in the marketing community is employee advocacy.  The term may be new, but the concept is tried and true, updated for the digital age.

What is Employee Advocacy?

The definition of employee advocacy is simply the promotion of your company by the people who work for it. This happens all the time on various social media platforms in the form of sharing or liking a blog post from the company website, sharing pictures from team builders, and mentions of co-workers and business events.

These shares raise brand awareness as they spread through your employees’ connections. For staffing and recruiting firms, they can also attract both new candidates and clients.

Can Employee Advocacy be an Effective Marketing Strategy?

It can; if it’s done well. There can be a very positive impact on the company if employees are sharing posts about the projects and results of the work they are performing, the amazing culture, their wonderful teammates, and other benefits of working for your company. These organic posts are a great way to create brand awareness, but they have little to do with a strategic approach.

Creating a content plan, developing a sharing calendar, and automating the sharing process across your business social channels and your employees’ personal and professional social channels can amplify your message more successfully.

And, it’s great for your employees too. As your employees continue to share relevant information, they begin to develop the reputation of being thought leaders, all while driving traffic back to the company website.

Will Employees Participate in an Employee Advocacy Program?

The only way an Employee Advocacy campaign will work is if your employees are willing to share to their social networks.  If you can make it easy for them, provide compelling content, and show them how their sharing positively impacts their reputation and the company, they are much more likely to want to help.

There are several social sharing tools that you can use to share content.  Each employee could setup a Buffer, Dlvr.It or other service, connect their social accounts and add feeds to share. The downside is that the employee must set it up and maintain it.

Another option is Haley Marketing’s newest marketing tool, NetSocial.

NetSocial allows you to setup your entire team for sharing from one place.  Simply provide all of your employees, even your temporary employees, with an account.  They connect their social media account and decide what content they want to share, maintaining control over their social presence.  Your marketing team implements the content plan and sharing calendar across the entire company, adding feeds, and creating posts as needed.

NetSocial even makes it fun by tracking the leaderboard showing who has shared the most, received the most engagement, and earned various badges and awards along the way.

If you are considering implementing an Employee Advocacy campaign and you need help, let us know. Haley Marketing can assist with planning, content creation, or sharing.  Just let us know how we can help.

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