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Marketing Automation: Do You Really Need a Partner?

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In a word, YES. 

Automation provides mind-boggling opportunities to engage candidates throughout the talent lifecycle, and an experienced consultant can make the most of each one. 

A touchpoint series designed with your ideal candidate experience in mind can: 

  • Decrease no-call/no-shows 
  • Make candidates feel valued, appreciated, and secure 
  • Provide feedback that can improve the recruitment process 
  • Improve NPS 
  • Increase redeployment rate 
  • Shorten time-to-fill 

At Haley Marketing, there are as many automation workflow ideas as individual staffing firms in need of expert advice. If you are a staffing firm with an automation platform and no one in the navigator seat, there are 5 awesome reasons to work with our automation experts: 

Automation experts can help your staffing agency: 

Create the right strategy

The best way to see results from automation is to identify the gaps in your process and create automated workflows to fill them. An automation partner can help you create a roadmap for success by helping you build workflows that engage candidates and create a positive experience with your staffing firm. 

Scale faster

You don’t know what you don’t know. The benefits of automation are easy to see, but building journeys requires knowledge of the platform. Working with a partner, at least until you get some experience under your belt, can launch journeys faster and prevent frustration. 

Write awesome messaging

Creating automated email and text messages that sound human and showcase your brand can be challenging, especially if you have a dozen or so other recruiting tasks on your desk. Experienced on-staff writers can make it easy for you to launch journeys with engaging messaging by utilizing templates and playbooks customized for your firm and each intended audience. 

Make consistent progress

Consistent effort is crucial to success with automation. Journeys must be built, analyzed, fixed, analyzed, tweaked, analyzed… Do you see the pattern? The robust analytics available in automation platforms provide real-time feedback and the opportunity to improve workflow performance every day. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an experienced set of eyes interpreting results, suggesting changes, and planning the next journey. If you get caught up with a client or candidate, your automation partner will have your back. 

Interpret ROI

Although automation platforms provide ROI metrics on their dashboards, not every journey has easily measurable results. Consulting an automation expert can help your firm identify measurable gaps in process. When automations are created to fill the gaps, you save time. When those automations lead to placements, you make money. An expert automation partner has experience interpreting automation dashboard analytics and suggesting new ways to improve your firm’s ROI. 

Is your staffing firm looking for a marketing automation expert? 

Haley Marketing would love to help you save time and money. Our automation optimization services include: 

  • Auditing automations currently in progress 
  • Providing recommendations for improvement 
  • Identifying automation gaps and goals 
  • Establishing ROI metrics 
  • Building new automations 
  • Analyzing results 

Contact our automation optimization experts to start building your automation roadmap today! 

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