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What’s the Outlook for Recruiting in 2022? Part 3: Using Technology to Your Advantage

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It’s never been more important to use technology to its full potential in order to maximize time spent engaging with candidates. In this last post in the Recruiting Outlook series, we’ll discuss some of the most important ways technology can enhance your recruiting practices in 2022.

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Programmatic and NetSocial are just a couple of examples of how technology can automate tasks, freeing you to engage with candidates in real-time. They are far from the only options available to staffing firms.

Be sure you are using all of your technology to its full potential. Re-read the manual. Look for YouTube tutorials. Get in touch with the vendor and see if they can share resources, best practices or even offer a refresher course. Even your most annoying task may have an automated solution.

Get the Most From Your ATS

Your applicant tracking system (ATS) is a treasure trove of talent recruiters often neglect. No one stays in a job for 30 years anymore. That awesome candidate you placed two years ago may be ready to make a move. Perhaps the applicant who was adamant they would not consider a temporary or contract position now requires more flexibility in their career. You won’t know unless you engage.

As you prepare to recruit in 2022, make time to:

  • Re-engage and reactivate talent in your database.
  • Verify that contact information, job skills and availability are up to date.
  • Find ways to nurture relationships with candidates:
    • Don’t just text job posts blindly.
    • Personalize communication to each individual.
    • Use a mix of electronic outreach (email/text), physical mail, and phone calls.
  • Ask for referrals as well when you reconnect.
  • Implement automation programs to improve the candidate experience, increase redeployments, ask for more referrals, and keep your associates happier.

Re-Engage Talent With Automation

If all that ATS data mining sounds like a lot of work, automation can make it easier. Reach out, re-engage, follow up – with a simple all-in-one tool to keep new candidates on the hook throughout the hiring process or showing current or past employees they are not forgotten.

If your message finds them at the right time, they may be coming off another assignment, unhappy in their job, or ready to get back to work. Ensure timely, consistent communication with every candidate to deliver a better experience, reduce no calls/no shows, mine your ATS, and improve candidate retention.

Tools to consider:

  • Candidate automation tools like SENSE and Herefish
  • Other marketing automation (ActiveCampaign, HubSpot)
  • Email and texting
  • Picking up the phone and calling

Learn how you can Do More With Less Through Recruiting Marketing Process Automation 

Make Your Website a Funnel-Filler

Getting people to your website is great, but you’ve got to get them to take action once they get there. The goal is to get people into jobs, not just get them to enjoy your delightful website.

Improve conversion by:

  • Optimizing conversion paths on the website.
  • Reviewing exit pages and test changes to increase response.
  • Adding more Calls to Action to your website (on every page!).
  • Providing different CTAs (buttons, text, images, fly-ins, pop-ups).
  • Simplifying forms.
  • Giving people a reason to act now (incentives, create urgency).
  • Re-engaging site visitors (retargeting ads, marketing automation).

Make It Easier For Job Seekers to Find You

No matter what an awesome resource you are for job candidates, your efforts are wasted if you can’t get them to you. Get your message in front of active and passive job seekers with:

  • Job advertisements
    • Increase volume (advertise more jobs)
    • Increase distribution to more job sites (free and paid) and social media
  • Referrals
    • Get more current and former employees to become referral sources
    • Build networks of other referral sources (trade schools, churches)
  • Digital marketing
    • SEO (continually improve website and inbound links)
    • PPC (Google, Bing, and social advertisements)
    • Social media (better content, more sharing)
    • Online reviews
  • In the real world
    • Print, media, and out-of-home advertising
    • Job fairs
    • Remote recruiting locations
    • Community service
    • Branded apparel for temporary workers
    • Business cards for temporary workers

Optimize Your Recruitment Team With Ongoing Training

All this recruitment technology is great, but don’t forget about the human element! The more effective your recruiters are, the better your results. Teach them how to:

  • Write better job postings.
  • Maximize social media.
    • Build personal networks.
    • Share content.
    • Create a personal brand that supports the company and their careers.
  • Regularly ask for referrals.
  • Work with clients to expand the talent pool.
    • Push harder to identify desired versus truly required skills.
    • Discuss placing people with transferrable skills.
    • Creative work options (split shifts, off-hours work, remote work).

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Schedule a 2022 Recruitment Marketing Review

As we’ve said before, there is no “silver bullet” that will magically solve your recruiting challenges. But there ARE plenty of things you can add to your arsenal.

Amp up your recruiting with a FREE recruitment marketing review. We’ll look at your hiring challenges, assess your current recruitment marketing, and provide specific, actionable ideas to help you attract more—and higher quality—talent.

If you’re interested in scheduling time before year-end, call us at 1.888.696.2900 or visit our recruitment marketing team at www.recruitmentmarketers.com.

We hope you found this recruiting outlook series helpful and you’re on your way to developing a successful recruitment marketing strategy for the new year! Don’t forget to check out the full recruiting outlook article here for even more information.

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