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The Hidden Benefits of Marketing Automation

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Still struggling to find great candidates? Looking to leverage every minute of your recruiters’ time to build relationships with clients and candidates?

You may know that marketing automation is a great tool for creating an exceptional candidate experience, but it also has other benefits.

Here’s how marketing automation can help your staffing firm do more with less—especially during uncertain times:

Streamline Internal Processes

In this labor market, candidates expect an engaging experience, and the personal touch is more important than ever. Marketing automation can help you create more efficient processes in your staffing firm, automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks to allow recruiters to spend more time interacting with clients and candidates—and strengthening your business.

So what’s the hidden benefit? Before you can streamline your processes, you must know what they are! Building campaigns requires you to create rules and assign statuses. This might sound intimidating if you’ve never done it, but once you create a system, it will begin working for you. You only need to invent the wheel once, right? As you gather more data, you can refine your processes to become even more efficient.

Consider these process benefits:

  • Cleaner data. Create an email or SMS campaign asking candidates to confirm or provide email and cell phone information. Better data will lead to more qualified candidates and faster time-to-fill.
  • Happier candidates. Set the stage for a great candidate experience! An automation that immediately thanks candidates for applying assures candidates that your firm has received their application and values the opportunity to work with them.
  • Faster placement. An internal notification to recruiters telling them when a highly qualified candidate has applied will help your firm hire top talent faster.
  • Better redeployment rates. Creating an internal notification to recruiters encouraging them to reach out to candidates whose assignments are ending can help them get the ball rolling on redeployment, keeping candidates engaged with your firm.

Expand Your Sales Reach

No matter the size of your firm, campaigns that reach out to prospective, current, and inactive clients can deliver the right message at the right time and lead to increased revenue. A consistent outreach campaign can build relationships and answer frequently asked questions, leaving more time to answer complex questions and close more sales.

Improve Reporting

Automation is not just a great tool for keeping your database clean. If done well, your campaigns can improve internal reporting. Using checkpoints to clean up statuses or close old open job orders can help keep your reporting up to date for your leadership team. For example, when a placement ends, create an automation that changes candidates’ status once their end date has occurred, moving them into an “approved for placement” category. This gives you true insight into how many candidates are currently available for placement.

Encourage Teamwork

Make your recruiters’ lives easier by asking which tasks are least rewarding. Then create automation campaigns to take those tasks off your recruiters’ desks, giving them more time to spend on rewarding and profitable activities.

Using feedback from your recruiters to create automation campaigns gets your recruiters on the same page. By using the same statuses and following the same processes with every candidate, they’ll save time and make more placements. In addition, your marketing department and your recruiters will be working toward the same goal, creating goodwill and a better internal experience.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Keep your firm top of mind by launching a drip campaign that consistently keeps your name in front of clients and candidates. They might not open or respond, but they will see you—and when they are in the market for a new job or considering a staffing provider, you’ll be top-of-mind.

Need help realizing the hidden benefits of your automation platform? Our marketing automation experts are ready to help you implement 25 core automations—and optimize them for productivity and profitability. Contact us today to learn how to get the most out of your automation campaigns.

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