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Automation for Sales: It’s a Lead Gen Thing 

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Automation is best known for improving the candidate experience, but it can also expand your sales department.

Workflows that reach out to prospective, current, and inactive clients keep your firm top-of-mind and deliver the right message at the right time. 

(And lead to increased revenue and lower client acquisition costs!) 

In smaller firms, workflows can expand the sales team’s reach by creating a consistent outreach program that is crucial in relationship-building activities. In larger agencies, automations can handle those tasks at scale, leaving more time available for answering complex questions and closing more sales.  

Marketing automation has become a key strategy for many staffing firms, even as the personal touch is more important than ever.  

Automation can improve your sales efforts by:

  • Expanding your sales footprint 
  • Assisting your sales team with consistent messaging throughout the prospect funnel  
  • Engaging inactive clients 
  • Leveraging feedback to use in Quarterly Business Reviews  

What kinds of workflows can make your sales team’s life easier?

Welcome Series

You’ve done these activities many times. You’re at a conference, a networking event, or just building a prospect list in ZoomInfo or Seamless.ai of contacts you would like to target. The old adage of “smile and dial” or stopping in to drop off information is the usual next step. Why don’t you warm your prospects up a bit with a simple email sequence talking to their most common pain points? Create an ongoing campaign with multiple touchpoints that reach new clients, introduce them to your firm, set expectations, and outline differentiators. 

Re-Engage Inactive Clients

Stay in front of clients you’ve worked with in the past with a re-engagement campaign, but don’t sell, sell, sell as your first step. Start with giving them information or finding out more about their current needs which could help you discern why it’s been a while since they have worked with you. This is a great way to automate a touchpoint to those who become inactive at a certain point in their client lifecycle. 

Client Feedback

Thank clients for being valued partners and don’t forget to mention you would love to feature their testimonials on your website or social media profiles. Create an automated survey to gauge client satisfaction and get feedback on candidate and recruiter performance. 

Looking for more ways to use automation to improve sales? We’d love to help! Our marketing automation experts are ready to help you increase your firm’s revenue while taking the load off your sales team. Contact us today! 

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