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5 Ways to Leverage Automation in Your Recruiting Process

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Staffing is a people business, and the human connection is more important than ever after the isolation and disconnection of the pandemic.

It seems that automating tasks usually done by recruiters would make the recruiting process less personal, but the opposite is true.

Automation streamlines admin processes and creates candidate engagement touchpoints—resulting in more efficient operations and a better candidate experience.

From candidate intake through screening and interviewing, here are 5 ways the right automation can make your recruiting smarter – and more successful.

Increased Productivity

Automations don’t take the place of recruiters. Instead, strategic workflows automate repetitive, time-sucking admin tasks, freeing recruiters to focus on crucial relationship-building efforts that are so vital to a successful staffing firm. Here are a few automations that can increase your firm’s productivity:

  • Post-application
  • Interview reminder
  • Start date reminder
  • New lead reminder
  • End date reminder

Faster Candidate Screening

Prescreening automation tools like chatbots can lead job seekers through a series of prequalification questions and provide immediate answers to simple questions, leaving recruiters free for more meaningful communications and complex questions.

Efficient Interview Scheduling

Many recruiters report that scheduling interviews with applicants is one of the most humdrum tasks of their day. Automating interview scheduling by adding a calendar link to a workflow can eliminate that tedious back-and-forth and allow candidates to book a mutually convenient time for an interview.

Improved Candidate Experience

Competition is fierce in the staffing industry, and the firm that nurtures candidates and keeps them engaged will ultimately make more placements. Are there gaps in your recruitment process where simple, automated check-ins could prevent a candidate from ghosting? Map your ideal candidate experience and compare it to the process you have in place right now. Here are some ways to use automation to nurture candidates during the employment process:

  • Post-apply thank you text
  • Welcome series of emails
  • On assignment check-in texts
  • Happy birthday text
  • Happy anniversary text

Re-engagement and Re-activation

Many candidates fall through cracks in the recruitment process after submitting an application. Even if they aren’t a great fit for one role, they may be a perfect fit for another. A re-engagement workflow can save you time and money by reaching out to candidates already in your database and guiding them toward open jobs. This workflow works in any of your candidate stages whether:

  • they have applied and have not been contacted.
  • they are available to work and have not been placed.
  • they have been sitting in your database for some time.

Finally, keep in mind that pitching new jobs is not the only communication type you can send. Just reaching out and asking them to confirm their contact information is a great first step!

Need help leveraging automation in your recruiting process? Our automation team is waiting for your call. Let’s get started today!

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