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Drive Greater ROI From Your Staffing Firm’s Automation Platform: Part 2 – Inspect Your Vehicle & Check Your Gauges

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Staffing firms have adopted automation platforms for process and engagement tasks and to give recruiters more time to focus on higher-level tasks.

Automation may sound simple, but it isn’t.

Automation platforms can save recruiters time and money, but it needs a lot of attention. You need the right fuel, maintenance, and crew to help you create efficient, high-performing workflows that help your bottom line and improve your employer brand.

You’re in luck! Our Haley Marketing automation pit crew is familiar with the road ahead of you. We know what you need to gain traction, blow past obstacles, and get true ROI from your automation platform.  

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Inspect Your Vehicle 

(Reminder: This is a checklist. Make sure to answer yes or no to each question.) 


  • Do your delivery rates indicate your automations are reaching their intended audiences? 
  • Are you using the correct fields (e.g., from, candidate owner) in your workflows? 
  • Do you know how many good records you have in your ATS? 
  • Do you have a data dictionary for your statuses and fields? 
  • Are you using custom field sync to capture data? 
  • Are you using global variables and dynamic fields to add value and efficiency? 
  • Are you cleaning your database every 6 months to refresh your data? 

Current Automations 

  • Are you building efficient workflows? 
  • Are your audiences built correctly? 
  • Is your branching where it needs to be? 
  • Are you looking at response rate fall-off to create the timing for your on-assignment touchpoints? 
  • Are you able to differentiate between qualified and unqualified responses? 
  • Is your text and email delivery mix appropriate? 
  • Does your messaging tone reflect your brand when necessary? 
  • Do your automations complement your recruiting process? 

Check Your Gauges 

(answer yes or no)


  • Can you differentiate between qualified and unqualified responses to your automations? 
  • Do you have a benchmark for qualified response rates? 
  • Are you using Sense-influenced placements to capture the last attribution? 
  • Have you calculated a formula to track the results of your campaigns and prove ROI? 
  • Do you know the difference between vanity metrics and valuable metrics? 

Up Next: Plan Your Race

In our next post, we will discuss topics such as quick wins, candidate experiences, and if you passed inspection.  Can’t wait till next week? Don’t worry you can download the Smart Automation Checklist – or contact one of our marketing automation experts today.

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