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Can the Local Office of a Nationwide Staffing Firm Create a Strong Local Brand? (Spoiler alert: With a smart strategy it can!)

Social Pro paired with PPC advertising nets 300K monthly impressions and a 52.55% increase in new website users for this staffing firm.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

To increase inbound calls/leads and have a stronger presence in a highly competitive market for the local office of a national staffing firm.

The Solution:

A mix of Social Pro and PPC advertising.

The Results:

A 52.55% increase in new website users and a significant increase in monthly impressions and engagements.

Client Background and Challenges

This light industrial and clerical staffing franchise has offices nationwide. After first trying to sell more 1:1, make more calls, make more connections, and attract more applicants on job boards, the owner of one of their West Coast locations sought our expertise to strengthen their brand in their local market.

The office had very strong local testimonials and reviews but struggled to build a stronger brand in their local market.

The Goal:

To position the office as the most-reviewed, highest-rated, most-trusted employment agency in their region.

The Solution

The Haley Marketing team created a series of social media posts featuring client feedback, testimonials, case studies, and success stories. They paired these posts with local online advertising to further spread the message.

The Results

The West Coast office saw fantastic results in the first three months:

  • 50% increase in website users
  • 52.55% increase in new website users
  • An average of 300K monthly impressions in the local market (with 1500-2000 engagements each month)

The campaign worked so well for the West Coast office that they doubled their marketing spend to reach even more people.

For comparison, here’s what happened with their Southeast office (that didn’t implement this solution):

  • 28.32% decline in total website users
  • 31.15% decline in new website users

You Can’t Argue With Results!

Strengthen your staffing firm’s brand! Get in touch with one of Haley Marketing Group’s digital marketing specialists to find out how to spread the word with Social Pro and PPC advertising.

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