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Programmatic Job Advertising

Using Cost per Application Data to Drive 467 More Applications

A full-service staffing agency wanted to keep its pipeline flowing with as many applications as possible. What data did we analyze and what changes did we quickly make to help meet that recruitment goal?

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Help an industrial and warehouse staffing agency with jobs in Alabama, Wisconsin and Minnesota to collect as many applications as possible at the lowest cost

The Solution:

Leverage programmatic software to manage the monthly recruitment budget. Distribute jobs to multiple publishers and quickly shift budget to the job board providing the best results.

The Results:

After two months of collecting data, Haley Marketing recommended shifting to one job board to keep the pipeline flowing. Analyzing cost per application data increased applications by more than 20 percent.

Client Background and Challenges

This staffing agency, with industrial and clerical jobs in Alabama, Minnesota and Wisconsin, felt inefficient in managing its monthly recruitment budget. On top of having to manually post jobs to the job boards, the recruitment team didn’t have a good sense of which job boards were providing applicants at the lowest cost.

The Solution

Our recruitment marketing team consulted with the staffing agency to implement programmatic software to manage the monthly recruitment budget. We wanted to automate the process as much as possible and provide more data to the recruitment team.Allocating the budget on two different publishers, we could provide cost per application data to their team and make recommendations on how to allocate the recruitment budget as efficiently as possible.

The Results

June 2019 (data collection only):

  • Job Board A: $3.14 CPA (cost-per-application); 75% of monthly budget
  • Job Board B: $5.94 CPA; 25% of monthly budget

When we started to analyze the data, we noticed the significant difference in cost per application from these two job boards. However, the client wanted diversification, and he told us that the difference in CPA was not a deal-breaker.

At his direction, we continued to monitor their company’s advertising spend…without making changes.

July 2019 (continued data collection – at client request):

  • Job Board A: $2.15 CPA; 75% of monthly budget
  • Job Board B: $10.05 CPA; 25% of monthly budget

After the second month, our client told us that his company cannot be stubborn about diversification, and that the difference in CPA had become too great. He asked us to actively manage their spending.

August 2019 (first month of active management by Haley Marketing):

  • Job Board A: $2.11 CPA; 94% of monthly budget
  • Job Board B: $9.97 CPA; 6% of monthly budget

One change led to 467 more applications!

When this client first came to Haley Marketing, their primary goal was to improve service to their clients by minimizing the time to hire. They told us they wanted “as many applications as possible” to fill their talent pipeline.

Once we became their Agency of Record, we were able to use our programmatic software to aggregate data from multiple job boards into one dashboard and determine the CPAs of the candidates sources. By knowing which job boards produced the lowest cost per application, we could then adjust the budgets on each job site to maximize the number and variety of job applications received.

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