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Get Noticed! Social Pro Increases Page Views by 575%

An inspiring social media strategy helps this land surveying company build its social presence and attract qualified talent.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge: To build an engaging social presence that attracts new candidates, establishes land surveying as an exciting career, and positions Exacta Land Surveyors as a thought leader. 

The Solution: Social Pro, a complete social media management strategy. 

The Results: A 733% increase in website sessions, a 659% increase in new users, a 575% increase in page views, and significant social media profile growth. 

Client Background and Challenges

Exacta Land Surveyors is a leading national provider of land surveys and field management services with offices in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas. Land surveying has traditionally been a prestigious career, and Exacta seeks to inspire the same enthusiasm in today’s workforce. 

Since they didn’t have an internal HR department or talent acquisition team, Exacta engaged the digital marketing experts at Haley Marketing to help grow their social presence to attract new talent.  

The Goal 

To expand social reach and create brand awareness while increasing applications and website traffic. As a leading national land surveying company, Exacta wished to position itself as a thought leader and re-establish land surveying as a great career and a valuable way for candidates to invest in their future.  

The Solution

Exacta Land Surveyors’ down-to-earth social media campaign featured the following: 

  • Eye-catching social sharing images that promoted their job board. 
  • Engaging social content about the accomplishments of Exacta and what makes the company stand out from the crowd. 
  • Informative career content from outside sources that proved Exacta to be a thought leader having real conversations about career-focused topics. 

The Results

Haley Marketing Group succeeded where other marketing consultants had failed, creating a far-reaching social media campaign with tremendous year-to-date website performance results, including: 

  • 733% increase in sessions 
  • 659% increase in new users 
  • 575% increase in page views 

And a significant social media profile growth: 

  • 29% increase in LinkedIn followers 
  • 212% increase in Facebook followers 


Build Your Social Presence 

Want to get more website visitors, social media followers, and applications? Get in touch with one of Haley Marketing Group’s digital marketing specialists to learn how to make your firm stand out from the crowd. 

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