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If No One Sees Your Content, Is It Really Working for You?

Consistent creation of informative and relevant blog content is a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy. But if no one sees it, it’s not helping you generate leads or build new connections.

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Case Study at a Glance

Consistent creation of informative and relevant blog content is a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy. But if no one sees it, it’s not helping you generate leads or build new connections. This is how Haley Marketing Group helped a Jackson, Mississippi staffing firm “market their marketing” to generate the traffic their blog deserved.

The Challenge:

Help our client increase blog traffic and generate greater visibility for their library of engaging content.

The Solution:

Leverage Haley Marketing Group’s Social Pro to distribute blog content and connect with a wider audience.

The Results:

We helped our client:

  • Boost direct blog traffic from social media over 400%.
  • Create a consistent, cohesive presence on social media.
  • Create greater visibility and brand recognition in Jackson, MS.

Client Background and Challenges

Staffers, Inc. is a leading provider of temporary and permanent office administration talent in the Jackson, Mississippi area. Since 2014, they had been investing significant time and resources consistently creating engaging blog content. Like so many busy staffing firms, however, Staffers, Inc. was only sharing that content sporadically on social media, limiting distribution, exposure and traffic.

In essence, they took a Field of Dreams, “if you build it they will come” approach to blogging. However, this philosophy only works in the movies, and the firm was not seeing traffic levels befitting useful and informative content.

The Solution

When Staffers Inc. was ready to go all-in on social media marketing to drive traffic to their blog. Haley Marketing Group recommended Social Pro, a full-service social media strategy and execution program designed to improve social engagement, generate more traffic, and increase inbound leads.

Our social media team developed a custom strategy that included the following elements.

Create Click-Worthy, Branded Images

Words are important, but images cut through the clutter of social media timelines, grabbing attention and motivating job seekers and hiring managers to click. By including Staffers Inc. branding on images, we were able to keep their brand top-of-mind, even among users who did not choose to click through to the content.

Create Click-Worthy, Non-Branded Images

In order to drive traffic, content must be shared more than once. However, followers can quickly tune out to repetitive images and messaging. To combat social fatigue, the team created attention-grabbing, non-branded images to allow the same blog article to be shared in multiple forms, driving consistent traffic without appearing repetitive or redundant.

Prioritize Consistent Content Sharing

Blog content will be indexed by Google and visitors can find that content through organic searches, but that process can be a slow burn. To speed up discovery and drive content to your target audience, you must share consistently on social media. Our team began sharing Staffers, Inc. content on:

  • The Staffers Inc. Facebook page
  • The Staffers Inc. LinkedIn page
  • The Staffers Inc. Twitter page
  • The Staffers Inc. Google+ page
  • Targeted LinkedIn Groups
  • Personal LinkedIn Profiles

Promote Facebook Posts to Target Audiences

Our team also invested in Facebook paid advertising to further boost the visibility of Staffers Inc. blog content. This strategy allowed us to distribute articles to hiring managers and job seekers in Jackson MS, who were interested in the topics and likely to click through and read the content.

The Results

Did Social Pro generate more traffic than a sporadic, Field of Dreams approach?

Yes, and then some.

When comparing February – October traffic to the same time frame the previous year, the numbers were impressive.

  • 82.5% increase in total blog traffic (3341 vs. 1186)
  • 403.35% increase in blog traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (898 vs. 177)
  • 1,267.92% increase in first-time visitors who landed on the blog through social media (725 vs. 53)

If you build it, they may come to your blog. But if you leverage Social Pro to market your marketing, you will connect with your target audience and increase traffic.

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