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Incorporating Relevant Keywords on Website Pages Increases Organic Traffic by 92%

Updating website content with relevant keywords helps this staffing firm increase organic website traffic by 92%, click-through rate by 114%, and Google page rankings by 20 positions.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Increase website traffic and generate new business by improving Google rankings for non-branded keywords.

The Solution:

Incorporate relevant keywords into website page title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and copy. Create relevant new pages with keywords to attract users and improve geographic rankings.

The Results:

92% increase in organic traffic, 114% increase in click-through rate, and a 20-position jump in Google ranking for the home page.

Client Background and Challenges

Premium Transport Staffing is a national truck driver staffing agency based in California.

Before PTS began working with our SEO experts in March of 2021, they ranked on Google primarily for branded terms (i.e., terms including their company name). While ranking for branded terms is a great sign of recognition, ranking for non-branded terms (i.e., terms their ideal clients or candidates might use to search for PTS’s services) is essential to increasing site traffic and generating new business.

PTS sought the advice of Haley Marketing’s SEO team to improve their non-branded keyword rankings, drive more traffic to their website, and improve page rankings on Google.

The Goal

Increase website traffic, click-through rate, and Google page rankings.

The Solution

Our team conducted a total website audit, to ensure the site was functioning properly, and SEO keyword research to discover:

  • Which SEO keywords PTS’s competitors are ranking for.
  • Where these terms should be incorporated on the PTS website to drive traffic.

Based on these results, we created unique, keyword-rich title tags and meta descriptions for each website page. Since title tags and meta descriptions are displayed as a preview on Google’s search engine results page, these updates entice readers to click on the page by displaying information that matches their search terms.

Haley Marketing’s SEO experts then incorporated those keywords into the page headings and content to encourage Google to view the page as authoritative—and increase its rankings on the search engine results pages.

Finally, we created two additional keyword-rich web pages to attract and inform Drivers and Customers and two new location pages to improve geographic rankings for PTS’s headquarters in California and their Dallas service area.

The Results

A tremendous increase in overall website traffic, organic traffic, and page rankings year-over-year (August/September of 2021 to 2022). PTS’s Home page now ranks for a variety of branded and non-branded terms that improved its Google ranking.

Overall website traffic (a combination of direct, organic, paid, and social searches) increased across all channels.

  • New Users: 52% increase
  • Sessions: 56% increase
  • Traffic to Career Portal: 36% increase
  • Traffic to Employers Page: 233% increase

Organic website traffic increased by over 92%.

  • New Users: 92% increase
  • Sessions: 85% increase
  • Pages/Session: 92% increase
  • Average Session Duration: 11% increase



Home page data and Google rankings increased significantly. PTS currently ranks in positions 1-10 for terms we incorporated into meta descriptions and content throughout the site, and their new location page ranks on the first page of Google search results.

  • Clicks: 50% increase
  • Click-through rate: 114% increase
  • Average Home Page Google Position: Moved up 20 positions

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