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More Clicks, More Sales: PPC Helped This Niche Firm Increase Fortune 500 Client Conversions

A Google Analytics audit and PPC strategy revamp help a provider of learning and development consultants get in front of more prospects—and close more big sales.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Our client wanted to generate new business and get in front of more Fortune 500 employers and large global organizations by getting more out of their PPC efforts.

The Solution:

Consolidating the client’s digital efforts and revamping their PPC program with a Google Analytics audit and a refreshed digital advertising campaign across several networks.

The Results:

Cost-per-lead lead decreased by more than 30% between 2022 and 2023. Average conversion rate skyrocketed by 229%, allowing them to close more sales with large companies.

Client Background and Challenges

Clarity Consultants is a leading provider of learning and development consultants to Fortune 500 firms and other large, global organizations. They serve various industries across the U.S. and Canada, including insurance, professional and financial services, computer software, telecom, pharmaceuticals, and more.

The firm was already working with another marketing provider for pay-per-click advertising, but costs-per-click (CPCs) were climbing and the client was unsure of the value of the program – or if it was working as intended. They came to Haley Marketing to have us take over their Google and Bing PPC while keeping all digital efforts under one umbrella.

The Goal:

To generate new business by getting more eyeballs on their advertising, particularly L&D leaders in Fortune 500 companies and other large, global organizations.

The Solution

Haley Marketing’s PPC team implemented a full-scale campaign and implemented a Google Analytics audit, which included:

  • Updating Google Analytics tracking and setup.
  • Improving click-through rate and audience quality through ongoing A/B testing of ad messaging, keyword refinement, and negative keywords (ensuring the ads don’t show to the wrong users).
  • Splitting service lines into standalone campaigns with dedicated budgets.
  • Updating and consolidating goals in Google Analytics to better understand how conversions were happening.

In 2023, we completed another big ad refresh further improving click-through rate, inbound lead volume and quality, and cost per lead (CPL). We agreed to bid more aggressively, resulting in a higher cost-per-click but much better ad placement.

The Results

These numbers speak for themselves! Year over year, Clarity Consultants’ number and quality of leads has improved since Haley Marketing took over their PPC strategy. The client continues to regularly close sales to large companies including those in the Fortune 500 category.

Metric (Monthly Average) 2022 2023 (Q1) % change
Click-through rate 3.64% 5.22% + 43.4%
Conversion rate 0.79% 2.6% + 229%<
Cost-per-lead $523.00 $363.00 – 30.6%
Google Search Conversions per month 9.08 16.6 + 115.9%

Ready to Drive More Sales?

From PPC to SEO, blogging, and more, Haley Marketing is here to help get you in front of more decision makers. Generate more leads. And close more business. Get in touch with one of our digital marketing specialists to get started today!

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