Case Study at a Glance:

“Is email marketing really worth it?”:

We get this question a lot. And the answer is always undoubtedly YES!

The reason is simple: As always, email marketing continues to drive the highest return on investment of any marketing outlet – a reported $38 earned for every $1 spent. But you want to see solid evidence.

Check out the ROI HaleyMail provided for this client:

The Challenge:

Since 1964, Availability Inc. has provided office staffing solutions to companies large and small throughout the Greater St. Louis Area. Their President, Lee Hamel, was looking for a simple, cost-effective way to increase the effectiveness of their sales and recruiting teams – keeping their company top-of-mind and driving more placements.

The Solution:

After learning more about Availability Inc.’s client base and the types of decision-makers they target, we recommended our Standard Workforce Caffeine e-newsletter. A complete content marketing system, HaleyMail helped our client:

  • Stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects.
  • Position themselves as staffing and HR experts.
  • Provide their sales people with new reasons to follow up EVERY MONTH.
  • Add value for employers and nurture relationships.

Here are a few of their program’s features:

HaleyMail Standard: A Complete Content Marketing Solution

Monthly, professionally designed email newsletters: one for clients/prospects and one for candidates.

Great content on staffing, HR, leadership and other talent-management-related topics.

Multiple content formats: eBooks, feature articles, infographics, slide decks, instructographics and more.

Monthly eCards.

Resource Centers with 100s of educational articles for their website.

Landing pages with lead-generating eBooks.

Print versions of articles.

Monthly sales follow-up tips

The Results:

Availability Inc. began using HaleyMail halfway through 2016. Just a few months into their program, they saw some impressive results. They gained a new contract, and they made two placements. Both were a direct result from the monthly emails we sent on their behalf!

With HaleyMail, Availability Inc. was able to stay top-of-mind with their clients and serve their needs as soon as they arrived. They beat competitors to their clients’ inboxes, and made money as a result.

In our client’s words:

We are very happy with the results we’ve received from our HaleyMail program. Seeing a nice return on our investment makes it easy to justify spending our money on a marketing initiative!”

—Lee Hamel, President at Availability, Inc.