What’s the point of a brochure if nobody reads it?

Find out how our team used a creative approach to turn this project around in half our typical timeframe – and deliver a brochure that yielded some incredible measurable results.

Happy Faces Personnel Group
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Case Study at a Glance

Happy Faces Personnel Group was in dire need of a new brochure for an upcoming trade show. But beyond being informative and convincing, they wanted a sales tool that was really useful. Engaging. And dare we say fun to read?

With the possible exception of the employee handbook, a typical “services overview” brochure could be the dullest business communication tool ever invented. In fact, according to research conducted by The Onion:

  • 43.4% of all staffing services’ capabilities brochures are pressed into service as beverage coasters.
  • Nearly 3 in 10 (29.7%) are used to dispose of chewed gum.

Okay, these aren’t ACTUAL statistics – but you get the point. Unless they are engaging, build credibility and make selling staffing easier, services overview brochures aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

And that’s exactly why Michael Hairston came to Haley Marketing for help.

Client Background and Challenge

How do you create collateral people WANT to read?

Founded in 1994, Happy Faces Personnel Group is a full-service, innovative staffing partner to Georgia employers. As their Director of Operations, Michael was in dire need of a brochure for an upcoming trade show that would:

  • Capture readers’ attention, by identifying with their staffing “pain points.”
  • Explain Happy Faces’ services, core values, mission and vision.
  • Clearly demonstrate the unique value Happy Faces delivers, with a focus on cost-effectiveness.
  • Clearly demonstrate the unique value Happy Faces delivers, with a focus on cost-effectiveness.

But beyond being informative and convincing, Michael wanted a sales tool that was really useful. “Non-corporate-y.” Something that clients and prospects would want to read – and even share with co-workers and friends.

The Solution

Well, at least it wasn’t for Haley Marketing. Before diving into the project, our team consulted with Michael to:

  • Clarify his goals for the piece, intended audience and other project requirements.
  • Determine how far he was willing to “push the envelope” with humor, so it complemented Happy Face’s brand and resonated with their target audience.
  • Review ways to increase the value and “shelf life” of the brochure (because, you know, gum).
  • Ensure an efficient, seamless service experience – and deliver an amazing final product.

With a clear understanding of the project’s scope and a solid creative direction, Haley Marketing’s creative team got to work.

Michael? Well, he was free to focus on his job and preparing for that big conference he was planning attend.

The Results

That’s no coaster…

…but it is a brochure that Michael referred to as “AWESOME!” Here are a few highlights:

Engaging brochures and collateral make selling staffing easier.

The right collateral can greatly enhance your sales efforts. Educate prospects and prove your value. And showcase your brand personality, too. The trick is to design the right piece for your marketing needs – one that:

  • Fits your messaging.
  • Fits into your sales process.
  • Fits your budget.
  • And fits nicely inside a pocket or folio.

Happy Faces’ brochure is a fun, engaging sales tool that has yielded incredible measurable results.

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