Becca Searns

Becca Searns

Director of Product Design

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family where marketing was discussed over dinner every evening, it is only natural for Becca to bring her design talents home to Haley Marketing. Becca develops UI/UX concepts for products and websites, develops and tests interactive features, and backs up the creative team as needed. Becca is an MBA and New Media Design graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology. She is also a full-time digital nomad, traveling the world and bringing back design concepts from near and far. Becca is an award winning artist who loves exploring the web, UI, and UX design. She looks forward to forging her own path as a designer, entrepreneur, athlete, hockey player, and optimist.

Flight; no more planes, but I still get the escape of floating high above the world.

I've traveled to over 33 countries, and logged over 60,000-miles in 2019 alone.

Viva Tu Vida. Live YOUR Life. Go live your life on your terms. Do you want to travel? Go. Do you want to start your own business? Do it. Who do you want to be? Be that.

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