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Taylor Falzone

Digital Marketing Advisor

Get to know

Taylor Falzone

Taylor graduated from the University at Buffalo with her Bachelor’s in Communication. She discovered her interest in marketing when presented with an opportunity to be a digital media marketing intern for the Department of Communication at UB. There she was able to get exposure to the digital side of marketing and gain experience in content creation and social media marketing. Outside of work, Taylor loves to travel and be outside in the sun! She likes to go on bike rides and walks and enjoys spending free time with friends and family!

My favorite place is Disney World. Growing up my parents would always take me there on vacation and I have such fond memories spending time with family and having fun. Now as an adult going back it just reminds me of those happy memories and creates a place where you don't have to grow up so fast. It brings out the kind in you and creates a little magic in your life!

Cliff jumping.

Yes! I am very good at bowling.