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The Value of an eNewsletter

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I subscribe to a lot of newsletters…. That shouldn’t really be a surprise. I bet we all do. Some I read the moment they arrive, some occasionally, others very rarely. This morning as I was sifting through my inbox, I was wondering why I read some but not others. I subscribed to them. I wanted the information. I gave permission for these organizations to email me. But, I don’t always read it.

I’m in the business of delivering e-newsletters. I know about click-through tracking, open rates, etc. but I often wonder if those statistics actually mean anything. Do they correlate to the value the reader receives? How about the value the marketer receives? I don’t think so. That may sound odd coming from an e-mail proponent, especially one who loves data and analysis. Hear me out….

The problem is that the numbers don’t add up. If I read my email in my preview pane, no open is registered but I read your mail. If I chose to receive your email in text vs. html, no open again. If I chose to view your message without images–the standard for many email clients these days–again no open.

What about click-throughs you ask. Does it really matter? If the reader already opened my email and read my intro, and saw my name, and now is thinking about my company, does it matter if they read any farther? For that matter, if they see my subject line and from name in their email client, haven’t I already made my company top-of-mind? Sure, it would be ideal if every time I emailed everyone opened every email, clicked every link, responded to every call to action, but haven’t I at least cut through some of the clutter if they notice my email in their inbox, read it in the preview pane and delete it?

You may disagree with me, but you have to agree with this – my email in a prospect’s inbox is putting me ahead of my competition, especially if their email isn’t in that inbox….

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