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Social Media – Just a Fad or Not?

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With the emergence of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn, businesses have nearly unlimited access to the public. Through social media participation, businesses can interact with clients, customers and prospects to increase brand awareness and direct traffic to their websites.

I just read a very interesting article in this past months Social Computing Magazine. (11 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Social Media in 2009) addresses the issue of social media’s importance in this day and age.

This article asks the question that I am sure many of us have pondered at one time or another, “Do you still think social media is a fad that we’ll all look back on and laugh at in the future?”

Well, you can keep thinking that, but you’ll be stuck on the sidelines while social media continues to grow in 2009. In fact, here’s 11 reasons you won’t be able to ignore social media this year. 

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