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Some positive press for the staffing industry

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Every day I receive hundreds of emails, but there is one I read religiously.  It’s from Google Alerts giving me the latest news about the staffing industry.  As you can imagine over the past few months that email has been less than uplifting with stories about economic turmoil,  job loss, decreasing profits, failing businesses, and general pessimism over the future of our industry.

Today, I decided enough is enough! Attitude is everything!  We can sit back and feel badly about the situation or we can step up and look for the opportunities that exist. There must be at least a little good news out there and I set out to find it.   

Below are links to a three news articles that I found that you should read. They contain optimism about the staffing industry and what lies in our future.  If you know of others, please post them in the comments. Let’s decide that as an industry we have opportunities to grow and prosper.  Let’s make it happen.

And finally, let me remind you that we’re all in this together.  I want you to know that Haley Marketing supports you.  We are committed to helping you find ways to gain market share and create new sales opportunities. Please take advantage of the free resources we have made available to the staffing industry.  You’ll find links on our home page.  Just click on the “Freebies” tab on the right and check back often because we’re always adding valuable resources. Oh, and join us for our free webinar series, Lunch with Haley.

As promised, a few optimistic articles…

Temp Jobs Can Be Your Ticket to a Full-Time Gig – One of our clients, Robin Mee, past president of the Capital Area Staffing Association and president of Mee Derby & Co, was quoted in a recent Washington Post article. The article highlights the success of temporary jobs turning into future full time opportunities.  It also provides excellent insight and advice for registering as a temp. As an industry, this is the kind of press that makes a positive impact.

Temp firms see uptick –  Higher unemployment rates bring about more demand for temp jobs, and that means an industry on the rise.  This article also points out that more candidates means the ability to pick the best and brightest.  That equates to higher productivity.  It’s this type of thinking that will lead us right of the recession. 

Not Hiring? Tell That to the 4.4 Million Who Found Jobs – This article is posted on ERE and it hits my point exactly. The more we talk about “no one hiring”, the more we believe it to be true.  The facts are proof though and this article shows that there are jobs out there and companies having problems filling those positions.  Sounds like a golden opportunity to me!


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