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The Power Of Following Up

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Want to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Make the effort to follow-up with with your prospects. Do not take it for granted that they will call you back.  Most sales people are really horrible at following up with prospects!

About 5 months ago, I received a call from a company interested in using our services. He made it very well known that we were not the only firm he was speaking to. We had a nice discussion, he was interested, but made no commitment at that time. His last words were, “We will get back to you if we are interested.”  If I had a nickel for every time I heard that…boy!

Well, being in sales for many years…and I will not disclose just how many, I knew much better.  My question – How do I make my company the only firm they want to deal with?

The process is really quite simple. Nurture that relationship persistently without being a PEST!  To position yourself as a trusted advisor, you need to consistantly keep yourself top of mind in a manner that demonstrates your expertise and with information they find useful.

That being said, I sent my regular emails to share useful, relevant ideas and news. I occasionally called to personalize my communications.

Well, did it work?  After 5 long months I finally received the call I was waiting for.  Guess what?  They chose our firm over all the others.  And, do you want to know why?

Just remember these words.  BE SMARTER – BE MORE AGGRESSIVE – AND FOLLOW-UP!

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