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Words of Wisdom for Small Business Owners

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A friend of mine, Jim Della Volpe just shared the following tips with me. Whether you’re a solo recruiter or an executive in a large staffing organization, these words of wisdom hold true for us all…

Advice on Growing Your Business
At one point or another in your business, you’ve had the opportunity to move up to the next level of success and it required a certain investment: in hiring someone, in creating systems, in yourself. Problem is, you may have stopped yourself by using the excuse of “not having enough money. It’s a mindset that keeps you playing small and limits your growth. Sinatra didn’t move his own pianos. Are you? If you’re still doing everything yourself, then read this:

1. Let others take care of details for you so that you can focus on your “genius work”, the stuff that actually makes you money. You see, Sinatra didn’t move his own piano each time he sang at a gig. He had a team in place to handle those details so that he could focus on two things: Singing and Getting More Gigs. And that’s what you should be focusing on too: Working with Clients and Getting More Clients. Everything else can be delegated.

2. Sometimes, it’s time to put the frugal part of you behind and REALLY invest in your business. No more holding back. When it’s time to grow, it’s also time to take out your wallet and INVEST in making more. My experience has been that, when I do invest in my business, it always comes back to me at least 4 to 10 times over. And although “money” is usually the excuse I’ve used in the past for not doing something (and I’m not the only one, you have too!), I’ve found that if I really look at a situation, I almost always have the resources to invest or can find a way to get them.

Jim Della Volpe, Business Advisor / Executive Coach

PS: Jim and I are working on a special Lunch with Haley webinar on growing your business.  We’ll be announcing it soon!

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