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Your Online Reputation Part I: What are people saying about your staffing firm?

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When someone types your company name into a Google search, what will they see? Hopefully they will find your website, but what else appears? If you don’t know, you better find out. If you do know, you’re still not off the hook–those results can change tomorrow!

Find Out What People Are Saying About Your Staffing Firm
Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to get notified when someone mentioned you, your company, or your competitors online?  Well luckily there is: Google Alerts. 

Google Alerts 

This free service allows you to create alerts that notify you when your search term appears on new web pages, news stories, blogs, etc.  To start, simply go to Google Alerts and set up alerts for your company name (“XYZ Staffing”), your name, your recruiters’ names, and even your competitors.  Alerts will then be emailed to you at whatever time interval you choose.

This information will keep you current on both positive and negative press and comments.  It will also help keep you up to date on your local competitors. 
But, this is just step one!  In my next post, I’ll detail some specific ways you can help control your online reputation.
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