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Email Marketing: Got-a-Bounce?

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I am often asked by my clients why some email addresses bounce.  There are many different reasons why an email address will bounce.  For example, the recipient’s inbox is full, he no longer works for the company, there is a problem with his server, it’s a bad email address, etc.

Many third-party email solutions, such as HaleyMail limit the number of times an email will bounce before the address is automatically opted out in the system.  Chances are if an email bounces more than 3-4 times, it’s probably a bad email address.   Having a bounce threshold in place will help keep your list clean.

Five quick tips to instantly decrease your bounce rate:

  1. Make sure that you are sending your emails to those people who have chosen to opt-in to your mailings.  Sending to a list of people whom have never been in contact with you is not only spamming but a recipe for failure for your email campaign.
  2. On that note, always make sure that your contacts white list your email address so that your email doesn’t accidently find its way into their spam or junk box.  
  3. After a mailing take a look at your bounce report.  Sometimes with a quick glance you can identify why an email address bounced, such as you forgot to include the .com or .net or there is a comma where a period should be or the address is misspelled.  Fixing these obvious mistakes and adding them back to your data list will help clean up your contact list and improve overall results.  
  4. If you are using a third party sender, set up a SPF record.  In layman’s terms, an SPF record basically gives the green light to Internet email receivers that it is ok for a party to send on your behalf.  (If you use HaleyMail, your Marketing Advisor can help you do this.)
  5. Make sure your emails contain clean html code and abide by all of the email standards concerning images, links, etc.

If you have any questions about your email marketing, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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