For the past year or more, we have been sharing information and tips on how to leverage social media as a lead generation and recruiting tool.  Marketing Sherpa has just released a very interesting social media marketing case study about an organization that followed many of these tips–and the amazing effect it has had on their lead generation efforts.

Here is a brief overview of the keys to an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  1. Create a blog on your corporate website (similar to the one you’re reading right now).
  2. Establish a Twitter account (check out: as an example).
  3. Join LinkedIn Groups and create one for yourself (view the AskHaley LinkedIn Group)
  4. Create an online PR strategy (view my post on Free Online PR Services for more information).
  5. Add Social Media icons to your website (like in the upper right of the sidebar on this page) and add them to your email signature link in the sample below:






And last but certainly not least, install Google Analytics tracking software to gauge your results and see where more improvement and tweaks are needed. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss any of the above topics in more detail please email me or call at 888-696-2900. 

And I would love to hear about what types of social media tactics have been successful for your firm!

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