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Lunch with HaleyJust doing a little last minute research for our March 11 Lunch with Haley webinar: Leads! Leads! Leads! How to Get Prospects to Want to Talk to You, and I went back to read on of my favorite blogs and authors: Brian Carroll’s B2B Lead Generation Blog.

Brian blog’s is a weath of information on both lead generation and lead nurturing. And like Haley Marketing, he advocates a process of nurturing prospects, building relationships, demonstrating expertise, and positioning your firm as a trusted advisor. If you’ve never read Brian’s blog, here are a few EXCELLENT posts:

And if you’d like some of our thoughts on Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing specifically for staffing, check out these articles:

Last but not least, if you really want the full story on marketing for staffing, be sure to download our Marketing Best Practices Guide.

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