Bayside Solutions Press Check

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Press check for Bayside Solutions' pocket folder
Press sheet for Bayside Solutions' pocket folder

A small contingent of Haley Marketing employees just returned from a printshop tour and press check at one of our trusted local print vendors, Sterling Sommer. Susannah Gray gave an excellent and informative tour of the facility and some of our, um, “less seasoned” staffers learned a lot about the printing process. The project was for a full color, three-panel pocket folder for Bayside Solutions. They were looking to update their current folder and collateral materials, including sell sheets which will be inserted into the finished folder’s inside, center pocket.

The colors look great — much better than my phone’s camera can accurately record, and we’re looking forward to the finished product next week. So, thanks to Susannah and everyone at Sterling Sommer, and to Bayside Solutions for the opportunity to develop these new materials.

And if you’re looking to update your print collateral, or any other branding for your staffing agency, please consider Haley Marketing as a provider to develop a solution for you.

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