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Ask Haley: Use social networks to boost email marketing success

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Q: How can I use social media to leverage my email marketing?

A: I recently read an interesting statistic: Only 11% of people 18 and under use email as their preferred method of online communication.  This means that the primary way this group communicates online is through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.  When these kids hit the job market in four years or so, this statistic will be relevant to how we do marketing.  This is not to say that email will become extinct or an unimportant method of communication; rather, it shows that communicating via social networks is growing in importance and we should get ahead now by integrating our email marketing efforts with social media.

Here are a few ideas on how you can integrate your email marketing with social media:

  1. Include Facebook “like” buttons on all your email and related content.  This will encourage people to share your content with their Facebook friends.
  2. Set up an RSS feed.  Use an RSS feed to feed articles and other content to your blog, Twitter, Facebook and other sites automatically.
  3. Optimize your newsletter landing pages for search engines.  Make sure your content has keywords and descriptions that will drive more traffic to your site through online searches.
  4. Use email content to start a conversation.  Conversations started in your email don’t have to stay there.  Add to the conversation by posting more information, insight, comments, questions and related links on other social channels, such as your blog.
  5. Encourage opt-ins from social media.

A word to the wise…
Please note that it’s important to share educational and relevant content with your audience using both email marketing and social media.  Using social media to “hard sell” will annoy many subscribers and you will see them drop like flies.  Instead, focus on adding value and nurturing relationships.

If all of this seems overwhelming, I have some great news for you.  The new version of HaleyMail does everything I just mentioned for you!  To find out more about HaleyMail and how it integrates with social media, just give me a call or email me at [email protected].  I’d be happy to discuss your email marketing and social media strategy with you!

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