My almost-one year old son Eli recently had a 4 night hospital stay.  In one of his rooms at the hospital there was motivational sign with a picture of a sunny beach on it that said “Our goal is to provide very good service.”  Now, our experience at the hospital was an excellent one, and they took great care of Eli (he’s back at home now and doing well, thank you!).  But that sign got me to thinking.  If you’re a parent, would that stated goal provide you with peace of mind?  Wouldn’t you want your child to receive great, or even better, the best possible care?  I remember sitting in Eli’s room late at night, staring at that sign, and thinking “Why doesn’t it say ‘Our goal is to provide world-class service?’”

One of the reasons this sign resonated so much with me is that the marketing team here at Haley has been examining our customer service and problem resolution processes with the goal of improving our own service.  Another reason it resonated with me is that we have clients tell us all the time that their customer service is one of their differentiators.  However, in this competitive environment providing great service is no longer a differentiator, it is a bare minimum for doing business.  Your clients are being called on by your competitors every single day, and if you aren’t providing them with great service, trust me, they will find a staffing firm that will!

So that leads us to several questions.  What are you doing to create a truly world class client experience at your organization, so that your clients and candidates never look at a competitor?  And furthermore, once you are providing world-class customer service, how are you differentiating your firm from your competitors?  And if you work with us at Haley I’d love to hear your feedback about our service.  What impressed you?  How could we have been better?

And just because I can, here is a picture of our little trooper roaming the floor during his hospital stay, looking for nurses to flirt with and other children to cheer up.

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  1. Providing excellent customer service can be a huge differentiator. Have a bad experience and you tell 10 people, (or the entire internet through twitter, yelp, facebook, etc.), have a great experience and you tell no one… or few people. In this world we all want to complain more than we want to commend… I hope that you experience world-class service again and write about it.

    Also, I’m glad Eli is doing well!

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