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Ask Haley: How do I get prospects to actually read my email?

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Q: How do I get prospects to actually read my email?

A: Great question. And one I can really relate to. I recently returned from a rather long vacation. I fired up Outlook to find more than 7,000 new emails–and I had been checking in almost every day on my iPhone!

No question we’re all being bombarded by email. But it still can be your most powerful marketing tool.

Here’s how to get your email read:

  1. Send to people who expect your email. Even if you’re mailing to a cold lead, a simple voice mail in advance will greatly increase readership.
  2. Send something VERY useful. Share an innovative idea to solve a problem, a really provocative offer, timely information on your local market, or anything else the recipient will value.
  3. Keep it short. A few sentences or a bullet list works best.
  4. Write a great subject line. You have less than one second to get someone’s attention. Direct, honest subject lines get the highest readership.
  5. Make it personal. If you can, address people by name.
  6. Make it relevant. Target the content to the audience, so people instantly know that your content is meant for them.
  7. Have a great headline in the preview pane.  Many people scan email in their preview pane. A great headline can dramatically increase readership.
  8. Use a reputable email sender. If you’re sending one-to-one emails, do it directly from Outlook (or whatever email client you use). If you’re sending to a group of people, use a service with a proven track record (pardon the plug, but that’s what our HaleyMail service is all about).

I hope you find these tips helpful.

David Searns
President & CEO

P.S. Want more ideas to make email marketing work?
Call us for a link to a recorded webinar on email marketing best practices.

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