With nothing industry-relevant to share, I’m taking a break and offering some extraneous writing samples. Recently, some friends and I have been taken up different creative writing exercises. And we’ve been having fun with haikus — typically, the 5-7-5 syllable pattern. They’re fun to write and are a good mental workout — which is as important as a physical regimen. As a movie buff, I’ve been writing movie-plot haikus (inspired by “Star Trek” haikus, found here).  Here are some from movies directed by Christopher Nolan:

Tattoos and photos
as surrogate memories
where past is prologue.

Batman Begins
Boy meets evil.
Boy loses way; finds a path.
Man becomes symbol.

The Prestige
Deadly rivalry
‘twixt a multiplicity
of two magicians.

Dark Knight
Gotham’s protector
victorious but disgraced.
The laughter echoes.

Dreaming within dreams,
a father finds redemption.
Chris Nolan teases.

How do you exercise your brain?

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