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Site SEO – Staffing SEO Part III

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This is the third and final installment of Staffing SEO – A Guide to Optimizing Your Staffing or Recruiting Firm’s Website.  In Staffing Site SEO Part I, we discussed what SEO really is, and why it’s important for staffing firms and recruiters.  In Staffing Site SEO Part II, we focused on how to define your SEO goals and generate appropriate keywords.

In this post, we will discuss some of the specific areas within your website you should focus on:

Update your meta data
Meta data is hidden code in your website that helps search engines determine what information your website provides.  Here are three main elements of meta data you should start with:

  1. Page Title – In the top left corner of your web browser, you will see a page title.  For many staffing firm websites, this is currently just the company name–or worse, nothing at all.  If this is the case for your website, you are missing out on a great opportunity.  Your title should include keywords like: staffing, jobs, your city, and then your company name (but try to stay under a total of 8-10 words).
  2. Keywords – This is where your list of keywords is placed.  Be sure to rank this list in order of importance and keep it between 15-25 words.  The search engine takes this list into account when reviewing your website.
  3. Description – This short paragraph of text will display when your website is shown in search results and describes your website.  You can include any description you would like so make sure to mix in relevant keywords.

Review and edit your copy
Every page within your website should have a strong headline that immediately tells the reader (and the search engine) what that page is about.  Make sure your headlines are appropriate for that page and include relevant keywords.

Turn your headlines into H-Tags
Behind the scenes, each of your headlines should be setup as “Header Tags” in the code of your website.  Header, or “h-tag”, tells the search engines what words are important in the context of your page.  Using keywords in your headers helps improve your rankings.

Last but certainly not least, add valuable content to your website
Content is king!  The more valuable content you have on your website, the higher your ranking.  Write localized articles to help job seekers find jobs in your area.  Discuss ways local companies can overcome business challenges.  And be sure to mix in keywords throughout that content!

Looking for more info on Staffing Site SEO?
If you would like to discuss any of the above items in more detail just give me a call at 888-696-2900, email me at [email protected], or learn more about Staffing Site SEO here. Also, be sure to download our Site SEO Guide for Staffing and Recruiting Firms.

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