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Staffing Sales & Recruiting – What’s working now?

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Social media? Inbound marketing? Mobile?

Or are cold calls still the best way to sell staffing???

With all the hype about the latest and greatest marketing tools, and newest ways to use social media, you might feel overwhelmed.

So what really works?

For recruiting

Our clients are finding the best results from:

  1. SEO optimized job posts.
  2. Blogging about specific jobs in local markets.
  3. Distributing jobs to job aggregators like Indeed and Simply Hired.
  4. Craigslist.
  5. Other local job boards.
  6. Direct recruiting on LinkedIn (for higher level professionals).
  7. Creating a great candidate experience to boost retention and referrals.

On the business development side

Cold calling remains the most popular sales method used in the staffing industry. And yes, it still works. But we are seeing even better results being achieved by implementing a combination of efforts–a multi-modal approach to sales and marketing. This may include:

  1. Identifying the companies you want to close.
    – Developing a compelling message focused on issues employers face.
    – Integrating email, direct mail, social messaging and calls.
    – A structured plan for pursuing target companies.

    Integrating direct marketing with sales has enabled our clients to improve their call to appointment ratios by more than 100% while reducing the sales cycle from months to weeks.

  2. Seminars, webinars and other educational events.
    Public speaking is an effective credibility builder and powerful lead generation tool. One of our clients gets as many as 500 local HR professionals and business owners on their webinars.
  3. Nurturing relationships with consistent, high value communication
    Delivered by a mix of email, direct mail and drop offs. Nurturing is the best way to keep your company top-of-mind, add value, and provide sales reps with new reasons to make calls every month.
  4. Blogging and SEO.

    I mixed these two together because blogging is proving to be the most effective way to drive web traffic from search engines. Our clients are seeing an average increase in website visitors of 253% through weekly blog posts.
  5. Skill marketing talent.

    Yes, it still works. In fact, when you have a good email list, great talent that’s well targeted for the list, you can almost guarantee job orders!

So What’s Working for You?

Have a killer sales tactic that I did not suggest?

Please tell me about it!
Add your comments to this post or send me a direct email.

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