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Get your picture on your WordPress posts

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Have you seen blog posts and comments with tiny pictures of the person making the comment, yet yours have just a grey silhouette? These tiny pictures that follow you around the internet are called Avatars. You probably already have them on your facebook or twitter accounts. Now you can have them for all your WordPress posts, too. To make this easy, WordPress created Gravatar.com. The Gravatar service is fast, easy and free.


First, signup at http://en.gravatar.com/ – it’s just your name and email. Make sure you use the email address you also use on your WordPress accounts. If you use more than one, don’t worry, you can add more email addresses to your Gravatar account later.

Second, upload your image.

Third, no wait, there is no third step! You’re done. Within a few minutes your plain, somewhat boring grey silhouette will be replaced by your shiny new picture.

While not every WordPress website takes advantage of Gravatars, many do. If you see the grey silhouettes, it’s likely that they do. If they don’t, ask them to. Usually this is just turning them on in the WordPress control panel.

So take a minute to brand yourself and have fun with it!


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