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Ask Haley: How do I deal with a no soliciting sign?

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Q. David, What’s the best way to get around the dreaded “No Soliciting” sign?

A. The question you raise is a good one…how do you get past
the “No Soliciting” signs? If you’re running into this obstacle,
I’m guessing you are doing a fair amount of drop-by-style calls.
While I do not think you should ignore the no soliciting signs,
I have a few ideas:

  1. If you walk into a business that does not permit soliciting, don’t solicit (I know great advice, eh?). Instead, have a packet of info you can drop off for the business owner, office manager or HR manager. The information should not be promotional, but educational about the unique value your company can provide and the social benefits you offer to the community. Or you might drop off tips on how to hire or how to use temps. Then when you get back to the office, place a follow-up call based on the info you dropped off.
  2. When you find a no soliciting business, make a note of the company name. Then when you head back to the office, use LinkedIn to find contacts at that firm. Reach out to those contacts, let them know that you saw their no soliciting sign, and that you’re respecting their rules. On the first contact, do something to add value to the conversation by sharing similar useful ideas to those I suggested above.
  3. Plan your calls in advance. If you know you are going to be hitting a specific office park, use direct marketing before you get into the car. Use Google to find companies in the area. Use LinkedIn to find contacts. Make connections, then send an invitation to meet. Let people know that you’re going to be in the area on a specific date, how you can help their business, and why a meeting with you would be good for them.

I hope these ideas help! Good luck with the no-soliciting soliciting!

Please feel free to contact me today if you’d like to discuss specific strategies for reaching prospects.

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