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Lead Generation for the Staffing Industry

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The classical definition of relationship marketing is that it is a method of marketing that builds trust and positions a firm as experts by nurturing relationships with key decision makers over time. Traditionally, relationship marketing is about patience and persistence. But that “over time” thing is a problem. Most companies invest in marketing because they want sales leads…NOW!

Build relationships and generate sales leads..faster!

Over the past two or three years most relationship marketers have evolved to become content marketers. And with content marketing, there are more opportunities for lead generation. Sure, content can be used to nurture relationships, but it can also be used as “bait” to attract prospects and get them to take action. For example, you might use a whitepaper to get people to opt-in to your email list, invite people to attend a webinar, or even create a newsletter specifically focused on hot jobs or top candidates. The idea with content marketing is that you offer something that your clients and candidates really want, and in exchange, they will give you permission to keep in-touch.

HaleyMail – content marketing with lead generation built-in.

HaleyMail is an email and content marketing system specifically designed to help staffing firms to nurture relationships–and generate more leads from both employers and job seekers. In fact, it’s the only tool of its kind, one that offers:

  • Monthly newsletters for clients and candidates
  • Hundreds of articles for your staffing firm’s website
  • Quarterly eBooks, videos and other rich media content
  • Seasonal eCards and staffing promotions
  • Materials for monthly drop offs and sales follow-up
  • One-on-one monthly coaching

And now, we have added a great new resource as part of our HaleyMail program, eBook lead generation!  What exactly does that mean?  Glad you asked!

Users of our HaleyMail service now have access to quarterly eBooks.  These are pieces of content that are rich in take-home value.  Think whitepaper but with a strong visual component.  For example:

ebook cover

This eBook examines the true cost of turnover and outlines today’s best retention strategies. While the piece alone is strong enough we are now taking it a step further and turning it into a lead generation tool. We have created a stand alone landing page for each eBook that will allow visitors to a website or blog to input their information to access the eBook:

eBook form

Now our clients can add a special link to their email marketing, website, blog and social media pages directing visitors to this landing page.  And every time a prospect downloads the eBook, an email is sent to our clients providing them with the contacts information.  Lead generation!

Would you like more information on HaleyMail?

please contact me at [email protected].  We can discuss how HaleyMail can turn your website, email marketing and social media into a lead generation tool!

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