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“AI” Matey!!! -Why does Haley Marketing Group prefer receiving an “AI” file type for your logo?

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In a previous article, I detailed different file format types for your staffing company’s logo. However, many of you are initially asked by someone on our team to provide your logo to us as an “AI” file. So what exactly is an “AI” file and why does Haley Marketing Group prefer that particular file format?

First, here’s a little background. Files ending with the extension of “.ai” indicate that the file has been created using the proprietary file format developed by Adobe Systems Inc., for representing a single page vector based drawing. (For an explanation of vector vs. bitmap graphics please seem my previous post located here). “AI” files can be opened and handled by couple different software packages, but Haley Marketing’s Creative Team exclusively uses the industry’s standard Adobe® Illustrator software application to handle this file type.

We are able to supply a greater level of service and end product to our clients that supply us with their logo in this file format of choice.

  1. We can reproduce your logo for use on the web or in print at the highest possible quality.
  2. We can assure the color you are expecting to see in your logo is communicated across different mediums consistently.
  3. We can (in almost all cases) place your logo over any type or color of background.
  4. We can effortlessly (and without additional cost to you) place your logo over an image or on top of any color as transparency is built in to a properly created “ai” file.
  5. We do not have to come back and ask you for different file formats of your logo, taking up your time or taking time away from your project timeline.

If you are having someone design or create your logo for you, please be sure they provide you with as many of the various file formats mentioned in the previous post, but also and perhaps most importantly the “ai” format. While you may not be able to utilize or even open the file on your computer without the necessary software, you will certainly save yourself a lot of time by having it provided to you at the time your logo is created.

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