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The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

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Today, it’s all about being social. Social media provides endless opportunities to connect with new people, companies and groups. We have the opportunity to learn new information, meet new people and educate others.

Social media and the opportunity to share information with very little effort has made it essential for a company to not only have an online presence, but also to monitor and manage that presence. If we take a step back, we can see how the purpose and goals of social media have changed over time for  businesses.

When social media truly became popular for company use, it was all about being on social media. The focus wasn’t on what was being done on the platforms, but was just about having a presence on social media. Companies felt the need to be represented, and many made profiles, even if they were under-utilized.

Simply having a presence quickly proved to not be enough, and businesses entered the race to get followers. Having a lot of followers was key, and companies pushed for “likes,” but still weren’t taking advantage of the opportunities these platforms offered.

Slowly, companies understood the need to do something with all of these followers they now had. Responding to comments and following people in return took priority. Engagement has become essential, and it has become increasingly important to not only show some interest in one’s audience, but it is now an essential part of interaction on these platforms.

Today, relationships are everything, and social media is a great way to create and cultivate these relationships. A business has the opportunity to target their audience on a variety of outlets, depending on their goals. On Twitter, users are looking for news. On Facebook, users are looking for the personification of a company. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to share content on a strictly business-level. More recently, Google+ has become an opportunity to both show personality and share great content to engage your audience.

Regardless of which platforms you focus on, cultivating these relationships is essential. Below are a few of the most successful ways to accomplish this:

  • Provide valuable, original content on a regular basis
  • Be active on each platform on a regular basis
  • Target the information you share to the appropriate audience of each site
  • Engage with users who comment on, like or share your content
  • Follow related companies and share relevant industry news
  • Encourage all employees to share content from your company page to promote content and create new followers

The opportunities are endless with social media. If you have questions about the best practices for social media, check out our Social Media eBook for tactics your company can implement today or connect with me on LinkedIn

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