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4 Keys to Optimizing Content for Inbound Marketing

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As inbound marketers, we are all too aware of the challenges that come with creating content that’s original, relevant, and above all interesting to readers. Content Marketing Institute addressed the issue of “Optimizing Content For Inbound Marketing”  in their webinar with guest speaker Arnie Kuenn, author of the book Accelerate!: Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing.  

While countless valuable points were made during the webinar, there were four main ideas that I thought were share worthy, and four questions I took away from his presentation.

1. Long Tail Keyword Searches are Getting Results
Contrary to the notion that quick, snappy titles are what grab audience’s attention; CMI stated that 63% of clicks from search results pages are going to titles with seven to nine words.

2. People Are Looking for Knowledge
There are three main categories of inquiries that people search for, which fall into the groupings of:
      Inspire Me- 28% of clicks
      Educate Me-26% of clicks
      Answer Me-46% of clicks
People are using the Internet to seek responses to their inquiries.

3. When You Post Content – Share It!
Having content on your website is great; it drives the search engines to your site and provides an archive of helpful information to anyone looking. But the minute you post the content to your website, you should also be blasting it across all your social media outlets. Sharing this type of information positions you as a thought leader, and gives readers valuable information – something they won’t forget when they go looking for another answer.

4. The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body…
Is page 2 of Google.*cue rimshot* Although it’s a cute joke, it actually holds water. Current statistics say that only 77% of consumers go past the first page of a search result, and 98% never go past page 2. If your page or content isn’t optimized for search engines to find, there’s a very good chance nobody will.

So, are we using longer blog titles to encourage users to click on our links? Are we writing the type of content that’s educating readers and answering their questions? Are we sharing all the content we post? And are we ensuring all our content is optimized to its fullest extent?

Addressing these four questions will help in our content marketing strategies, and provide exactly what it is people are searching for.

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