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Is it time to update your logo?

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Your logo is quite possibly the only design element that will stay consistent both through time, as well as across all marketing pieces developed.  Your logo is your first impression, and we all understand the significance of first impressions…  Ever go to shake a person’s hand for the first time, and be immediately turned off by the “dead fish” of a handshake?  Well, your logo may be having the same effect on your audience.

Can you afford to lose clients because of this?  Probably not, so why don’t you take a few seconds to read through a couple important points to consider when deciding whether or not you might be due for a fresh, new logo.

  1. First and foremost, are you proud of how it looks on your marketing material, or is it the one aesthetic bringing these pieces down?
    Don’t forget – your logo is often times the starting point when approaching designing new materials.  Your logo, it’s colors and it’s shape develops a brand personality that we incorporate into all materials that we design.  Your logo can either limit the visual impact, or push it to the next level.
  2. Was your logo designed by a personal friend of family member?
     If yes, then it’s probably time for an upgrade.
    Family and friends are great!  Nobody is denying that.  But when it comes to putting your company’s  best foot forward, your branding is best left in the hands of professional designers who understand, assess, strategize, and solve the problems associated with making your brand stand out.
  3. Does it represent your business?
    From it’s colors, right down to the typefaces used, your logo should accurately represent your brand’s personality.  Whether that be professionalism, strength, kindness, humor etc., your audience should have at least an introductory level understanding of your brand from looking at your logo.
  4. While your logo should say something, it doesn’t have to say it all.
    Simplicity is key here. You want your logo to be simple, clean, and timeless. It should work well without color, at sizes small and large(if your logo relies on a words or intricate artwork to get the message across, how effective will it be when it only has a small space to occupy?), and shouldn’t become outdated as design trends come and go.

After reading through these couple points, how does your logo stand up? Is it really worthy of being the face of your brand? If not, you may want to consider giving us a call to get you off to a fresh new start with a brand-spankin’ new logo.

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