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Why Don’t People Like Me!?

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We’ve all been there.

You spent 20 minutes working on a Facebook post. You added strong copy with a bold call to action. You proofread your copy. You looked away and proofread it again because you swore a word didn’t look right to you. You added a great custom graphic.

“People are gonna like this post” you mumble to yourself and sneak in a casual celebratory fist up.
You proofread your post one more time because you still swear you’re spelling something wrong, and then take a deep breath.

You close the screen because you can’t bear to see your content. After all, this is your creation, you’ve spent time on this. Anxiety creeps in. So you walk to the water cooler, back to you desk and – although you told yourself you wouldn’t for at least 10 minutes – immediately open Facebook to see if there’s any response.

Crickets. Not a single like or comment.

So you close Facebook – while muttering something about how you hate stupid Zuckerberg and his stupid algorithm – and get back to work.

An hour or two passes and you check your post again.


Why Don’t People Like Me?!?!

Maybe it stems back to grade school and acceptance, maybe it comes down to personal egos, but it’s no secret that when people share content on social media they expect a response.

But what if that response never comes?

As a content marketer, not getting a response from a piece of content can be discouraging. All your hard work and effort seems like a waste. Trust me… I understand.

It’s tough to say, but unless you’re a celebrity (insert stereotypical comment about how Bieber can get 100,000 likes overnight) your content needs to be top-tier, and has to be a resource to your followers.

Your readers and followers are all experiencing challenges. Maybe they are looking for a new job and can’t seem to catch a break. Maybe they don’t know where to start when it comes to writing a resume. Reach out to followers by being the resource they need and deserve. Build trust by putting out consistent information that people can benefit from.

At Haley Marketing Group, our blog focuses on solutions and resources. We tell you how to take your marketing to the next level and literally tell you how to do our jobs in countless cases. In fact, while we’re at it…here is when you should post to Facebook and here is when you should post to Twitter.

This is content marketing, and more importantly, relationship marketing.
If you’re seeing your social media posts lacking engagement, maybe it’s because your content isn’t appealing to your audience. This might come as a shock – and trust me, I get discouraged when our posts don’t perform well too – but we can work through this together.

3 Steps to Better Content

  1. Perform a Content Audit.

    This is going to take some time but don’t get frustrated. As Karen Lamb said, “A year from now you’ll wish you started today.”

    If your blog has Google Analytics installed, open the dashboard and take a look at your top viewed articles. What content is your audience most interested in? Which content didn’t resonate well?

    The same can be done for social media. Using the insights and analytics dashboard, browse your past posts. Which content received the most likes, shares, retweets, comments? Measure your response, after all, social is a science.

  2. Put Together a New Plan.

    Now that you know what works (and what doesn’t), create a plan for moving forward. If certain topics worked well for your audience, produce similar content, go on tangents, or even produce a series of related posts. While using what works, also sprinkle in new ideas and track how they perform from month to month.

  3. Put the Plan in Motion.

    You’re ready. Now that you have your plan, it’s time to execute. Get to work and prepare your content. Write a blog post, produce graphics to supplement it on social media, produce a video to discuss the points in the article, click publish and share.

If this strategy seems overwhelming, stay focused. I’m not writing this to make you feel discouraged. While I admit that a full content audit, strategy and implementation is a time consuming process, remember that – like a workout – once you get into a routine the results start to become visible.

How Can Haley Marketing Group Help?

I’ve laid out the game plan for you. No secrets. And I’m confident that if you made it this far you can do this on your own. But, if you’re feeling like you want a content coach on your team, give us a call and learn how our all-star team of content and social media experts can help you with your content strategy.

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