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Staffing Customer Service Trends – What’s Hot?

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SWS_Jan2014 What’s hot?

Well, it’s not the weather (at least not in Buffalo, anyway).

But it’s a new year. And you’re a smart staffing professional, looking to tap into the latest customer service trends. And frankly, I relish any excuse to conjure an image of a tropical paradise (especially in January).

So grab a beach blanket and put your toes in the sand. Find out what’s hot in customer service, so you can deliver even better experiences for clients and candidates in 2015:

  1. Companies are shifting to mobile-first customer experiences. More than 50% of all U.S. adults have a smartphone and over 76% of millennials rely on their mobile devices to find information and solve problems. A great mobile experience is no longer a “nice add-on”; it’s a necessity. How easy is it for candidates to search jobs or apply from their phones? Can clients place orders or get help easily, even if they’re away from their desks?

    If you need help, Haley Marketing offers a full complement of responsive design solutions to deliver seamless experiences for your clients and job seekers alike.

  2. Response time is becoming as important as the actual response. Customers are becoming increasingly impatient and demanding. So not surprisingly, the length of time it takes for your company to respond has a direct impact on how a customer feels about you. Use this to your advantage in 2015!

    Take a fresh look at your response time, after-hours call policy and triage process, to ensure candidates and clients feel valued.

  3. Bending the rules is becoming the norm. Rules are out; guidelines are in. The reason is simple: Inflexible policies breed unhappy customers.

    This year, vow to make your service “rules” more flexible. Empower front-line personnel so they can make smart decisions and quickly accommodate customer requirements. (Just make sure you give your team lots of training and coaching, so they’re equipped to deliver truly shareworthy experiences.).

  4. Tracking and measuring satisfaction is on the rise. How happy are your candidates and field employees with your placement process? What’s your Net Promoter Score? What percent of your customer issues are completely (and satisfactorily) resolved with the first contact?

    As your staffing firm increases its investment in the customer experience, you must measure ROI as well – and that starts with tracking results. In every step of your service delivery – from the initial phone call through the final invoice – you should know how well your company performs!  Actively solicit feedback on the service you deliver, so you can take great care of your company’s most important asset – its customers.

Have a killer customer service resolution?

What changes are you making to your service processes in 2015? How do you plan to improve customer experience this year? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below.
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