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Boy, I feel depressed.

A couple of weeks ago…

I was at a conference getting ready for a presentation to one of our largest clients. The morning of my presentation I sat down to breakfast and introduced myself to a few people I did not know. After some brief chit-chat, I was asked what I was going to be speaking about at the conference…

And I was told
“Oh, marketing is boring”

Ouch! But my day actually got worse…

My presentation was scheduled after lunch, and in the morning our client brought in a panel of HR professionals to share their views on the staffing industry. The panel told people what they liked—and didn’t likeabout staffing firms. And they even shared their thoughts on the best ways to sell staffing services. We asked them what they thought about marketing for staffing agencies.

Of course they all said:

“marketing doesn’t
work on us”

Should I just get a new job???

Here I was about deliver a presentation on essential marketing lessons for the staffing and recruiting industry, and I’m told that my subject is boring… and doesn’t work.

Well, the good news is that I really wasn’t down from my pre-presentation interactions. In fact, they energized me.

Why do people think marketing is boring?

That’s because they’ve never really been part of designing a marketing strategy… integrating marketing with sales to create an awesome response… or crafting a message and visuals that knock people people’s socks off.

Marketing is the core of your business.

Peter Drucker once said that a company only has two basic functions: innovation and marketing.

When you see a company generate millions in new revenues from a direct marketing campaign, or attract tens of thousands of people per month to their website via online marketing, well, there is nothing dull about that!

As for marketing for staffing agencies not working, I got a real chuckle out of that. This panel of HR managers swore that marketing had no impact on their decisions.

Yet then when questioned about how they select staffing vendors, the entire panel talked about things that are driven by marketing! A firm’s reputation. Reviews. References. Email. Seeing a company that focuses on building trust. Guess what HR panel? That’s all marketing!

So no, I’m not depressed…

I’m invigorated. Marketing isn’t dull, it literally changes people and companies for the better. It helps our clients sell. It puts more people to work. It improves the service experience.

And after 18 years of delivering marketing services to the staffing industry, I can definitively say that marketing works… even if HR will never admit it!


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