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Your Favorite Band Can Teach You These 5 Things About Twitter

Twitter Tips from the Music Industry
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Twitter Tips from the Music Industry


For those that don’t know me, I’m a huge music fan and play acoustic guitar at local bars and restaurants on a fairly regular basis.

While the music industry is a completely different animal to tame than the staffing industry, a lot can be learned from the way that musicians manage their Twitter accounts.

5 Twitter Tips from the Music Industry

Frequent Content Will Keep You Ahead of Your Competitors

Want to stay ahead of the crowd? The best bands are putting out music on a weekly basis. Why? Fans get bored…and they’re demanding. Dropping a new CD is great, but truth is…as soon as an artist puts out that album, supporter and fans want more.

Treat your staffing firm in the same light. Put out great blog content on a weekly basis. Spread insight and information that will support frustrated job seekers through their journey, and give advice to hiring managers looking to hire their next all star. While one great blog might make you feel good, follow it up week after week to keep ideas fresh and your audience attentive.

Along with blog content, share available employment opportunities on a regular basis. Don’t bore your audience! Keep content fresh, unique, and consistent.

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Give Followers a Behind The Scenes Look

Okay so maybe you don’t think your staffing firm is as exciting as backstage at Coachella, but I’d argue that it is. And I know that every individual sitting in your office right now has an exciting story they want to share.

Whether it’s a baby being born, a bucket list vacation, office happy hour, or a weekend warrior flag-football MVP, showcase your employees and share their individual personalities with your social community.

People develop relationships with your employees, not your company. Showcase your stars and watch your social engagement skyrocket.


Post Content…But Proceed with Caution

Everyone can name a social media fiasco. As a brand, it is critical that you have 100% trust in the individuals managing your social media presence, and also have a system of checks in place to make sure all posts are being proofed, screened, and approved, before they are posted to their respective social media network.

Keep it Exclusive

Take a look at your current social media strategy. Are you posting to Twitter, copying that update and then sharing it to Facebook and LinkedIn? If so, and I’m going to think like one of your followers for a moment, why would I follow you on more than 1 platform?

Keep your messaging and your identity different to each respective platform. Facebook should be more casual. Twitter is a conversation platform. LinkedIn is more business oriented. Don’t share the same message multiple times, but instead share it in a way that is consistent with the platform you are sharing to.

Talk to Your Followers

About a year ago I had an interesting conversation with a touring acoustic musician. While talking before the show, the conversation turned to social media usage. He asked me, and I still remember this as if it was yesterday, “When people talk to me on Twitter…I don’t have to respond to those do I?”. A little taken aback I replied, “If we were sitting here and you were talking to me and I kept looking away, never responding, would you keep talking to me?”

In a similar way, when a candidate emails you or calls you on the phone do you talk back to them? Or just delete the message and continuously send the call to voicemail. By their very nature, humans want to interact with one another. Treat social media the exact same way. Communicate with your followers and turn your casual followers into brand advocates.

The 5 Step Process to Convert
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If this has you thinking, “I have enough on my plate! How in the world can I be expected to spend the better part of my week on Twitter too?!” I have good news. You don’t have to!

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