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Sharing Jobs on Twitter Has Never Looked Better

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Haley Marketing Job Board & Twitter Cards


I’m a big fan of the movie Rudy.

Arguably The best underdog story of all time and featuring Notre Dame Football, there is no better movie to turn on during a lazy fall afternoon. If you disagree, I’m more than willing to argue that on twitter: Click to Tweet @BradBialy.

Anyway, there’s a scene in the movie where Rudy’s dad sees the Notre Dame football field for the first time and, I have have to admit, after seeing our new job board release I had a very similar reaction.


What’s So Special About the New Update?

To look out how far we’ve come, we have to first look at where we started.

When sharing on Twitter, presentation is everything.

With roughly 350,000 million tweets being sent per minute, cutting through the crowded timeline clutter is no easy task. However, with proper visuals and a definitive guide posting, this goal becomes more attainable. The tweet above is basic (I can say that because I wrote it). The intent is there, research and implement popular hashtags by using the most popular social media tools, while also properly positioning a client’s job posting. While I stand by the messaging of the tweet, the overall execution was lacking….so we did something about it.

HMG Job Board Version 3.6.0

Introducing Twitter Cards.

While a typically tweet is limited to 140 characters, Twitter cards open up a whole different approach to sharing jobs on the job board. With version 3.6.0 our job board is now built to fully integrate with Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph protocol, and now, along with the 140 character tweet, the individual Job Title and a brief description are being pulled in with the tweet to help improve overall visibility in timeline, while also sharing more information about the job. That said, while this article is geared towards Twitter, Jobs now have the ability to be shared to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ in a way that meets up-to-date sharing standards.

How Can You Take Advantage of this Update?

All current HMG Job Board client have the capability of configuring their job board settings to match the display above and our team is happy to help. Contact our skilled support team for additional assistance with any modifications to your current job board configurations. Currently have the job board, but can’t find enough time throughout your day to regularly share content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+? Reach out to the Social Media Team to learn more about Social Pro by Haley Marketing Group, and let our team assist you with your social media initiatives.


In 5 months Haley Marketing Group increased one client’s Twitter followers by 1,300% and another by 469%, leading to measurable business results.

Learn More About Twitter Growth Through
Social Pro by Haley Marketing


Editor’s Note: There’s no possible way Rudy was offside.

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