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How Should Our Staffing Firm Use LinkedIn? Part I

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LinkedIn is arguably the most beneficial social platform for the staffing and recruiting industry. LinkedIn can be used in many different ways, and the focus of this post is from a content marketing perspective.

As a business, you should have a company page on LinkedIn. This page serves as a representation of your business on this social platform, where people are searching for companies to learn more about them from a professional perspective. Whether a job seeker, employer or an individual interested in the industry, people often expect that if you have a reputable business, it will be represented on LinkedIn.

Your business page is an extension of your branding — carrying not only your look and feel, but the goals and value of your website across your online presence.

So, what should your company page tell its users?

You can begin by simply creating a page. Only one company page can be created per website domain — so if you have a page in existence, you need to determine who in your company is an administrator, and ask them to share access with you. Once you have a page, completely fill in all of the prompts that LinkedIn provides. This includes your business name, company size, URL to your website and more information about your company, including the value of the service you provide. Your page should feature your company logo as the profile image and a banner image that matches your branding closely, and adds visual appeal to your page.

After visiting your page, a user should understand who you are, what you do, and the value of your service.

Status Updates

Sharing status updates allows your company the opportunity to share news and provide resources relevant to your audience. You can share blog content and press releases that help your audience find the answers they are looking for, all while driving traffic back to your website.

What Does a Successful Status Update Look Like?

Each time you share content, you want it to be informative and visually appealing. Each status update should include:

  • Text describing the value of the content;
  • A URL linking to the full version of a piece of content on your website; and
  • A visual element related specifically to the content.

Now that you have a company LinkedIn page, what’s next?

Don’t just focus on one piece of the social media puzzle, consider a full social strategy to yield the best possible results. For help creating a social media strategy, download our eBook Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms.

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